mercredi 13 juillet 2011

Materials research

My studio practice is based on a commitment to working with silicone and tracing paper focusing to create works with some transparency. My reasons for working with these materials are multifold: since the first time I started to work with these mediums, I felt a deep appreciation for the fragile properties of these materials. They simultaneously convey sensibility  and a non-permanence. They appear delicate, luminous, soft, ethereal. I view silicone and tracing paper as a platform and foundation which supports the aesthetics of the feminist concepts I have been investigating.

vendredi 8 juillet 2011

Le fantasme siliconé

 Mon corps, topie impitoyable… Le prestige de l'utopie, la beauté, l'émerveillement de l'utopie, à quoi sont due ?… S'il y a un pays féerique, c'est bien pour que j'y sois prince...

"Fragments" expo 2011 au Centre Culturel Remezzo, Kalamaria, Thessalonique, Grèce